Dietitian Myriam Chehab

Myriam Chehab

Registered, Licensed Dietitian.

I’m passionate about teaching people how to eat real, healthy foods in a manner that is scientifically proven to prevent disease and increase health. I take research-based information and break it down into simple, practical terms that can be implemented into any way of life. My approach is different than most other nutritionists in the sense that I will never say to count calories, points or limit grams of fat, but rather support and develop a healthy relationship with real, whole foods. No diets. No magic pills or potions. Just real food for optimal health.

This is what Healthy Simple Life is all about.

I am passionate about helping people establish a balanced lifestyle by leading by example and I am committed to spreading the truth about food to help people live life to the fullest.

I’m responsible dietitian at “Ordre Souverrain de Malte”. I graduated from the Lebanese University with B.S. in Biology and from the Holy Spirit of Kaslik with B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics and completed my 6 months dietetic internship program at Saint Charles Hospital, Fyadyeh.

I’m glad you found my website page and hope it helps you get back to the basics of healthy eating and living. I love sharing my latest discoveries in recipes, foods and current health research and hope it can help you on your journey to wellness. Don’t forget to check out my facebook page. For individualized help or questions, get in touch.

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Monday - Friday 08:00 - 20:00

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Gardenia Str. near Center Camelia 2
Hazmieh, Beirut - Lebanon


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